Equine Services

Benchmarch Animal Hospital offers comprehensive equine services for your needs to ensure the overall health of your horse and minimize emergency situations.. We offer care for your horse in case of medical colic, sickness, lameness, injury, metabolic problems, or chronic illness. We are equipped to provide intravenous fluids and most laboratory results are obtained within 24 hours. Dr. Mauzerall has a lot of experience with equine dental care and reproductive services. Preventative Healthcare services include wellness examinations, vaccinations, equine dentistry, intestinal parasite control, and Coggins testing.

Our vaccinations are the best quality, most up-to-date available. We store and transport our vaccines properly, so there is no need to worry about the quality of your vaccines. Our doctors are more than happy to discuss vaccination pros and cons. Though it may seem like a good idea to buy your own vaccines and administer them yourself, most manufactures only guarantee the safety and efficacy of their vaccines when administered by a veterinarian.

Equine Dentistry-

We provide comprehensive dental care for most equine needs. Horses at any stage in life benefit from annual dental examinations. This routine care can reduce the amount of tooth loss, prolong lifespan, and prevent other medical conditions such as choke and colic. Equine dentistry services are offered both at the clinic and on your farm for the comfort and convenience of your horse.

Horses have 36-44 permanent teeth, with variation in the presence of canine and “wolf teeth”. The incisors (front teeth), are designed for clipping grass. The molars (cheek teeth) are designed for grinding roughage into digestible particles. Chewing is one of the most important parts of the horse’s digestive process. The tooth root, which is approximately 4 inches long in young horses, continues to erupt from the gum line throughout the horse’s life. Because of this, the teeth are continually growing even though the surface is wearing down. The wear of the uneven surface causes sharp points that can slice into a horse’s cheek and tongue as it eats. Equine dentistry is aimed at preventing the source of pain as well as correcting abnormalities.

Coggins testing-

A “Coggins” test is a blood test that detects antibodies to the disease Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA). EIA is caused by a virus that causes affected equines (horses, donkeys, mules) to have fevers, anemia (low red blood cell counts), edema (stocking up), and weight loss or muscle wasting. Horses that become infected will carry the disease for life. These carriers often show no signs of disease and appear healthy. EIA is transmitted by flies (horse flies and deer flies) and the carrier horses serve as a source of disease transmission. Because these flies travel to your farm, your horses are at risk even if they never leave the stable. There is no vaccine for EIA and there is no treatment. 

A Coggins test requires a veterinarian to draw blood and send it to an outside laboratory to test for EIA. A negative Coggins tests is required to issue health certificates for horses traveling to horse shows, trail rides, and sale. 

General Surgery on Farm or at Clinic-
We performs soft tissue surgery by using standing sedation or by laying them down. A few examples of the surgeries we do include castrations, tumor biopsy, laceration repair and reconstructive surgery.

Lameness Evaluations-

Regular hoof care is extremely important in equine care. If lameness is observed, we offer a complete and thorough evaluation, including digital radiographs, to assess the source of the problem. Lameness can be caused by a variety of issues, including:

*Injury to bone, muscle, tendons, or ligaments
*Infection or abscess
*Neurological Disorders
*Farrier work
*Horse Conformation
If you are planning to buy a horse, contact us regarding an equine pre-purchase exam. An important component of pre-purchase exams is to evaluate for lameness.

PrePurchase Exam-
We highly recommend a prepurchase exam for any prospective buyer. The purchase of a horse can be a huge financial and emotional investment. The veterinarians at Benchmark Animal perform a thorough examination to help identify any pre-existing conditions that may limit the intended use of the horse.We evaluate the following systems during our pre-purchase exam: Musculoskeletal - Cardiovascular System, Ophthalmic - Respiratory - Neurological Exam, Comprehensive Dental Exam. At the time of the examination, our veterinarians will discuss a preventative health program including recommended vaccinations, deworming program, dental care, nutrition and any other health concerns.

Our soundness evaluation includes:
*Palpation of the musculature, neck and spine, tendons, ligaments and joints.
*Hoof evaluation and conformation
*General body conformation Evaluation of the gait and if possible under saddle
*Flexion test of all limbs

Optional Test Include:
*Digital radiographs
*Diagnostic Ultrasound
*Blood work screen
*Drug test screen

Digital Radiology-
For lameness, pre-purchase examinations or consult with your farrier, Benchmark Animal Hospital has the ability to use digital radiology at the clinic or on-farm. Digital radiographs produce a much clearer, more detailed image that we can view immediately. Digital radiographs can be emailed or saved to a disk and given to you as part of your personal medical records for your horse. Images can also be shared quickly via email to specialists when a second opinion is desired.

Reproductive Services-
We provide a wide range of reproductive servicesfor the mare, stallion, and foal. Mares can be managed for natural cover breeding or for artificial insemination with fresh, cooled, or frozen semen. Digital ultrasound is used for accurate pregnancy diagnosis and tracking of the mare's heat cycle. Breeding soundness evaluations can be performed on newly acquired mares, mares being bred for the first time, or mares with infertility problems. Mares who are being monitored closely for ovulation (for frozen semen breeding or otherwise) may be boarded at our facility to optimize insemination timing.

Services include:
*Breeding management
*Artificial insemination with fresh, cooled, or frozen semen
*Semen evaluation on shipped samples
*Pregnancy diagnosis
*Breeding soundness evaluation
*Infertility workup

Foal care:
*New foal examinations
*IgG testing and plasma administration