Bovine Services

Benchmarch Animal Hospital we understand that protecting the health of your herd is not only important for each animal's well-being, but it is also your livelihood. Whether you have just a few animals, or a very large herd, we are happy to provide the care that you need. Here's a look at a few of the services we offer.

Herd Health- 
We can help you design feeding, deworming, and vaccination protocols to maximize the health and production of your herd. Routine work such as pregancy checking using ultrasound (definitive diagnosis of pregnancy at 30 days or sooner, fetal sexing at 56-70 days, reproductive issues in donor cows, etc. can be evaluated), brucellosis vaccination and/or TB and Bangs testing, and breeding soundness exams on herd sires or sale bulls (including Trichomoniasis testing), castration, palpation, and other routine services. Health certificates can also be provided when necessary for transport.

Reproductive Services/Ultrasound-
In addition to routine palpation, we can also offer reproductive ultrasounds, synchronization programs and treatment of pregnancy related complications such as dystocia. On-farm breeding soundness exams are also available for bulls.

Sick Animals-
Our doctor's can provide urgent care for a variety of conditions such as milk fever, ketosis, and mastitis. We can provide fluid and electrolyte therapy in the field as well as hospitalized care for young calves.

Surgical Services- 
We are experienced in the latest techniques for field treatment of displaced abomasums, abomasal torsions, umbilical hernias and uterine prolapse. We can also perform c-sections in the field when necessary for the treatment of dystocia. Additional procedures include dehorning and laceration repair. 

Veterinary Feed Directive Services- 
In compliance with the FDA, a Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD), is now required in order to obtain all feed-grade antibiotics. We are happy to issue a VFD upon request. A veterinary/client relationship is required, in that we have made regular visits to your farm within the year.VFD Request Information

We has facilities to handle Bucking Bulls including a hydraulic chute and alley. Performance animals are treated and hospitalized for a variety of issues related to decreased bucking ability, lameness and illness. Cattle herd work and individual animal medicine examinations are also available on your ranch or at our facility. We also have the ability to care for your sheep, goat or pig.