Meet Our Team​​

Benchmark Animal Hospital is staffed by a veterinary team that cares about what they do, and our staff is always ready to help you with your pets. Working as a mixed animal practice, horses and goats feel as right at home as do cats and dogs. We are a full-service clinic that has expertise in a variety of different areas,  ranging from veterinary check-ups to integrating pets into new living environments, and providing for the specific needs of new-born and aging animals.  We welcome you to our veterinary practice and encourage you to come in and meet us anytime we’re here! Please take some time to browse our pages and feel free to contact us with any questions about what we do. By improving lives through personalized care, we help you create more memories with your pets! We love working in this community, and we love the animals we serve.
Meet The Team
  1. Dr. Lisa Mauzerall
    Dr. Mauzerall is originally from Seattle, Washington. Her hobbies include riding horses with her daughters. She joined the medical field because she loves learning and being able to do something new each day.
  2. Rikki
  3. Mr. Bigglesworth
    Therapy Cat
    Biggie is our Patient Moral Specialist! He is an Egyptian Sphynx and is supposed to be naked! Biggie loves cuddling, eating and making sure the rest of the staff are staying busy.